1. marauders4evr:

    It’s just a flesh wound.

    The single greatest scene in cinematic history.

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  2. davestrider:





    the best part of the scalene triangle joke is over half the instances i’ve seen it they used a right triangle

    but right triangles can be scalene triangles

    go play with your calculator math nerd i play basketball not geography

    jane and jake take a break from playing sburb to discuss triangles

    what a bunch of losers

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  3. lesushhh:

    This will forever be adorable

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  4. shoresoftheshadowlands:





    Watch it in video

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    *coughs* its actually meant to represent shyness/social anxiety


    She likes the crocodile at the end. You can’t like depression. Shyness can still be a sweet personality feature. As long as it doesn’t take full control over you.

    I was gonna say…that’s like…anxiety :E

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  5. druli:


    Hoodie owl.

    askfordoodles, it’s not nice climbing into other peoples shirts like that D:

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  7. unstickyhunter:


    can the science side of tumblr exPLAIN THIS???

    A Shaquille grooms one of the Shaquillings in it’s herd

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  8. lorhs:

    Just my trainer and her pokemon getting ready 2 kick ur ass

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  9. radicalcliffe:

    I really like the term “thunder thighs” cause then my stretch marks are like lightning yES I am a storm, I am a force to be reckoned with fuCK WITH ME

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  10. legalwifi:

    this was probably one of the saddest moments of my childhood


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